Day to night

Ladies, this has all happened to us before. You wake up on a day off knowing you have a shit ton of things you want to get done, but you’re totally unmotivated to get your pretty self ready. You grab your staple leggings (for me it’s always my faux leather pair), the first long tee you find (cause you know your t-shirts should always hide your cookie when wearing leggings), throw on the first pair of sandals you see, grab your purse and head out the door.

AND of course as you’re going about your hectic day you get a call from your friend who’s insisting you go out, and being the gal pal you are, you agree. You then remember you have all your clothes in the wash, no time to dry, and spent your last dollar on boba (that would happen to me at least). WELL, don’t you fret the pretty little unwashed hair on your head off. The key to this dilemma is ACCESSORIZE.

Day to night

All you have to do is run yourself home, grab your hottest pair of heels, throw on any chunky necklace you have, switch your huge purse to a clutch (we all know how annoying carrying our huge bags containing our lives in it to a bar can be), throw on a statement necklace & maybe a few rings. Unravel that messy bun you put your hair into, and let your hair run loose.

Now lets see who says wearing a tee, leggings, and some awesome heels can’t get you free drinks!

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