Retail Therapy: Fall essentials.


I usually will never do an outfit of the day, but it was a must because I’m extremely obsessed with some of my new “stressed out so I must shop” pick-ups. So here it is, a few of my fall must haves!
1. Even though my go to item is leggings, everyone should have a pair of distressed jeans! But not just any distressed jeans, preferably boyfriend cut. The cut of the jeans with a rolled up pant cuff will look super cute with booties, or even dressed up with your favorite pair of heels.
2. Booties, booties, booties! I don’t know if you guys shopped the Nordstrom anniversary sale or even noticed that there aren’t many tall boots out for fall. Well the answer is, tall boot out, booties in! A grey toned bootie can go with any look your trying to pull off. You can pair this fab neutral color with and bold outfits your fashionista heart desires!
3. Cozy yet cute crew necks! This crew neck pictured is a little gem I found strolling through topshop the other day. I practically died once I saw the polka dots AND gold detailing. What’s better than not having to think about neck accessories? “Awesome” gold neckline detailing, that’s what’s better!

Once you include these 3 items, you’ll pretty much be set for an awesome fall wardrobe. Each of these items can be either dressed up or dressed down. Who doesn’t love multi-use pieces!


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