Fall’n for fall!

Fall'n for fall!
It’s been a while since I’ve published a post on my blog. However what better way to make a comeback than with my favorites for fall! There are a couple trends that you should be on the look out for to update your already awesome wardrobe that I’m sure you all have!
1. Prints on prints on prints! Prints are making a big comeback this fall, not that they haven’t already been in. BUT you’ll definitely be seeing your favorite fashionistas mixing up different prints. Don’t be afraid to look too busy, wearing the right subtle prints will having you looking fall fabulous!
2. Plaid. Plaid is always a fall essential although this fall you’ll see it taking over all of your favorite stores. Plaid is not only a great staple but it’s the perfect layering item to wear under your favorite crew-neck sweater or by itself for a bolder plaid look.
3. LEATHER! I’ve said it before in a previous post, I LOVE LEATHER. And what’s better than leather pants? LEATHER JOGGING PANTS. Not only are they comfortable, but also very stylish! I seriously love leather everything, I don’t think I can stress that enough! Besides leather pants, a leather moto-vest/Jacket are definite items you MUST have for a fashion savvy fall.
4.BOOTIES!!!! Booties are the take over guys, I’m telling you. Have you noticed that shopping for a pair of riding boots have been a hassle this season? It’s because booties are taking over for fall! Stock up on staple colors such as brown, black, and grey and you’ll be set for the cold fall weather.
5.Accesories, duh! Beanies are a must, especially if you live in colder cities like I do, San Francisco. I love throwing on a beanie, you’d be surprised how different of a look you can give an outfit by adding on headwear. Gold statement watches & bold colored purses are also a definite must have, but that should be for every season!
6. Fall lips! I’ve never been one to wear a bold lip. But I must say after trying a deep color for fall I’m seriously in love.
& there you have it guys! A list of 6 items that will have you all looking fall ready! Stay stylish and warm ya’ll!
xoxo, Julz

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