The answer is NEVER!

Never too much black!
The one question that I commonly get from my peers, or even randoms is “am I wearing too much black?” or “is this too much black?” and I seriously can’t help but chuckle a little and roll my eyes. The fact of the matter is ladies, there’s no such thing as TOO MUCH BLACK. Let me tell you why, not only is black slimming on all body types, but it’s also a neutral, staple, everyone-must-wear, color. Layering black on black does not have to look gothic, it all depends on what black pieces you choose to put together. Any outfit, any color, it all depends on the pieces you choose that determine the look or style that you’re going for that day. Black in particular gives off a mysterious vibe, makes you wonder what that edgy looking person is all about. You do however have to be aware that not all blacks are the same tone of black, depending on the lighting of certain areas you’re in. So let black run through your souls and pair it up with a dark lip, you’ll have everyone wondering about you.

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