I must be on a mission, or this whole new year resolution thing has taken over me since I’m updating my blog twice in one night! BUT, I just could not wait to share about how staple pieces seriously saved my life this winter break.
        We’ve all been there before, worked all day, you’re on your 4th work day in a week and you have yet to do laundry. All your friends are in town and they are BEGGING that you show face at the bar tonight, I mean even tho your portable heater and a box of caramel chocolate cookies from Trader Joes sounds so much better than a bar you agree to go. After all, your friends go back in a week right?
         SO, you get home and your like “EFF, I do not want to get ready and I do not want to go through my clothes right now..” WELL, let me tell you, staple pieces saved my life!!! There is nothing I love more about the bar scene than the fact that you don’t need to show up in a skimpy skirt and sky high heels. Grab your favorite pair of pants wether it be a print, or pleather and just rock that ish with a simple tee. The way you accessorize is what turns this bland outfit from grocery shopping to buy me a drink or 5.
         Throw on your go to statement necklace, a little wrist bling and grab a clutch. Lastly, who wants to bar hop in the cold, right? WELL, thats where your must must must have moto-jacket or vest comes to play, this ladies is seriously an ESSENTIAL. Then just wear the same damn booties you wore to work or spice it up a bit with some gladiator styled heels. You’ll be ready to hit the town and look like you put a ton of thought into a simple yet chic outfit!

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