As you may know with each seasons comes a new trending color. Well, if you didn’t know already, let me just hint to you that the season for spring….is, drum roll, PINK. But not just any type of pink, blush pink. Pink has always been a feminine color, however not all are comfortable wearing the color pink, for they may think it’s too girly. Well don’t you little pink haters fear, you can still be in-trend, just be minimal with your approach.
If pink isn’t your “thing” try wearing it as an accent color. Purchase a cute clutch or blush pink flats to add to your more safe and secure neutrals. If you’re not too scared of the girly color but just don’t prefer wearing it, wear it as a pop of color. A  blush pink shirt under a moto-jacket will still give you an edgy look. Even pair it up with a print for a bit more fun. Lastly, if pink is in fact your go to color, wear a elegant and stylish, blush pink dress with a nude heel. The perfect color combo for a day in the office or to impress your new date.

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