So Since I’ve been such a good streak of productivity today I decided that I should probably update my blog. Just a brief post of what defines me. Okay not defines, that’s dramatic, but what items I use almost daily. If you know me, you know that I’m big on black. Black is my thing, and I never go back…ha, ha, ha. In terms of clothes I mean. Anyways I’m constantly layering and I constantly like to be comfortable. However I did fabricate the truth a little because I am almost never in flats. I probably own two pairs and the rest is all heels, so girly of me right? Stocking up on staple layering items, I’ve said this before, will save your life. Layer up in the spring, layer up in the fall. Another thing that I cant go a day without is my falsies, your lashes (along with your brows) can make our break you hunny. And quite frankly I rather be made. A good pair of sunnies, a black wristlet, and my gold Marc byMarc Jacobs…me in a nutshell. What makes you?


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