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An de to thy boyfriend jean
As all we trend seekers know, the boyfriend jean has been quite the bees-knees these past two seasons. They made their debut mid-winter and are definitely going to stick around for spring and summer. However the name “boyfriend” jean is quite a peculiar one. Mainly because we don’t just go around taking our boyfriends jeans, the fit, it’s just not there. Also trying to find the PERFECT pair of boyfriend jeans is rather ridiculous! So since I myself have sought out to find the “perfect” pair, I thought the next blog I’d write would be a tribute to just that, the boyfriend jean.
Above I showed a few ways you can style your “perfect” pair once you find it. Jeans in general can have so many uses and are perfect pieces for day-to-night looks! Although my set shows a progression from casual day wear to a night out, I do feature heels in ever look. Why? Because ya girl don’t wears nothing short of 6 inches. Okaaay? So enjoy your search, take a peek on how you can style and may the boyfriend jean god’s be with you all!

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