The look for spring is the “sexy suit”. It’s all about classic, going modern, and being tailored to fit. My next couple posts are going to be about the “sexy suit” broken down, piece by piece. So for starters, the top. The top featured is known as a “tailored tee”. Of course with warmer weather we all just want to be comfortable so we throw on a t-shirt. Well why don’t you put your basic tees away, and purchase a tailored one. Not only are they trending but they also show off your beautiful figure. There are different fits for the tailor tee so you can purchase upon your likings. The one pictured is the “box” fit. Which I love love love. I die for box fit everything, they don’t necessarily show off your shape, however I feel like the whole feel of a box shaped top is very modern. Some may feel frumpy in this type of tailoring however, I think its fab!

Pair up your tailored tee with your fav pair of jeans or printed pants. A dressier pant can even work with this tee, depending on the fabric of course. It’s all about fabric choices when figuring out whats appropriate with what. After all you wouldn’t wear a silk work pant with a cotton t shirt from target would you? WOULD YOU?  I also featured printed shorts, and a pant because duh prints are in! Floral prints especially, however I’m not big on the floral scene.  Anyway, a tailored tee, your favorite bottoms, your go to accessories and a hot pair of shoes (or chucks to be casual) and your’e all ready to spring into your fabulous spring wardrobe.


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