So the other day after a few Mezcal cocktails my friend V and I decided to show face at local bar. Of course San Francisco weather gets fuckn chilly so we decide to dress a little warmer. My girl V is  a fur and black enthusiast and its prob why we get along so freaking well. Anyways, long story short she grabs a fur bomber jacket from her closet, decides she doesn’t want to wear it and I put it on instead. As I’m putting my left arm in all you hear is a loud tearing noise.. Thats right I ripped the fur beaut.
I felt extremely bad, until I found out it was actual real rabbit fur, and I’m not down with that. I mean I still feel bad but I’m all about faux. Faux coats for the fall (and actual fur) are of course going to be trending! I love fur (faux) everything and nothing says bad bitch like walking down market in a fur coat and dark lip.

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