Rainy Day Parade

Rainy Day Parade


What says rainy day and being cozy other than leggings? If you’re big on leggings, which I mean who isn’t, and you haven’t tried the Zella “live in”, you are MISSING OUT. I live and breathe leggings, and for a while found it very hard to find the right pair. That is, until the “live in” came into my life. They are by far the best pairs of leggings I own, yes plural because I buy multiples in black because like their name I literally live in them. You must try these, especially in a high waist. They are perfect for working out and just about every other task you might have to do in your life. Although the legging comes in a bunch of colors, and different lengths, they can easily be styled up and down depending on your mood. Some days I’ll wear mine with cute booties and a tunic top, but most days I’m in sneakers and keeping the athleisure trend alive. Run fast to your nearest Nordstrom active department and get yourself a pair ASAP!


PS, you may want to size down in Zella. Since it is a legging the material is way more generous then you may think, and the size you may think you’ll be may be too big! Save yourself a return trip and make sure to try them on to get the right fit!


Xoxo Julz


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