Taupe is Daupe!

Taupe is Daupe!


So yes, you’ve guessed it one of the 7 spring pantone colors is Taupe! Let me just start off by saying, this was the most difficult look I’ve put together yet for 2 reasons. One because taupe ranges from different shades, although, the taupe for spring is one with a grey hint to it. Second being because I wanted to only use the taupe with a grey hint, but I was so obsessed with these overalls I couldn’t get myself to take them off my set. I am however super excited because I love me some neutrals! Besides neutrals, I also love monochromatic looks, and to tie that statement in with my last I love doing monochromatic looks with neutrals! You can do so much with taupe, whether you’re into a monochromatic look or not, each shade brings something different to the table! I’ve shown 2 ways to wear taupe above, one using all shades of taupe and the other brining in black to give it a more edgy feel for maybe a date night or girls night out.


If you feel that taupe may wash you out, which is the case for some, have no fear! Not only are the many different shades of taupe, but also there are a TON of different accessory options in this color family. You definitely cannot go wrong with a taupe colored handbag or shoe! So build that spring wardrobe and at a little taupe in it!



Xoxo Julz


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