Blushin’ for Blush!

Blushin' for Blush!


I wanted a little suspense to build for the 4th day of spring pantones, or maybe I need a little blogger motivation, but either way its here! And perfect timing for you early planners looking for the perfect valentines day look! If you couldn’t tell by the title of the post the 4th color is no other than BLUSH! I personally love blush, it’s an awesome neutral, and the perfect amount of girly for those like me who have a hard time straying away from black. Blush can be worn in a monochromatic look or used to give your outfit that little hint of girly glam.

Another little hint for spring is vertical stripes are trending! And no you won’t look fat in stripes, especially vertical stripes, get that out of your head! My favorite way to wear vertical stripes is in a pant! Check out my instagram page ( for the perfect pair I found at Nordstrom rack and for such a good steal ($30)! I love me a steal!


Embrace the blush, and get your valentine blushing over you this spring!


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