The Look Of Love

The Look Of Love


Hello my lovely readers!


I’ve been slacking on my blogging, but my instagram hasn’t so you should check that out 😉 ( Anyways! I’m here and I’m back with a Valentines day day-to-night look.


I know a lot of you lovely ladies out there are going to be hustling on Valentines Day to support the shopping habit that we are all guilty of. But don’t you fret! It can be easy-peasy as long as your close is stocked with the essentials!


If you’ve read my previous posts I’ve always been seen in all black, but lately I have been adding pops of color into my wardrobe and I am in love! If you have time I would totally suggest that you head to your nearest Nordstrom to the savyy department and check out the suede Blank NYC moto-jackets, they are to DIE FOR.


Switch up your statement shoe with a statement jacket, throw on a crop top instead of your work appropriate button up and lastly throw on your sexiest strappy heel and paint that town red!


Hope you all enjoy this day of love with the ones you love the most!


Xoxo Julz


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