On the Hunt: The Little Black Blazer

On the Hunt: The Little Black Blazer


Staple pieces are hard to find, the right ones that is. I’m a firm believer in good quality pieces at higher price points because well, they’ll last. I’ve spent way too many hour online shopping and constantly removing things from my cart, but this item has held its ground. This Topshop split cuff blazer is perfection. It’s the perfect, little black blazer and the weight of it is to die for!

I love third pieces, and I believe no outfit is complete without a third piece. With warmer weather approaching, this blazer is a go to. It’s the perfect balance of casual and dressy, all depending on what you pair it with that is. Dress it down with a casual dress or t-shirt and jeans, and spruce it up with a silky blouse and some heels. This blazer is however a boxy fit, so if that look is not what you’re into, be sure to try it in a size down. Either way a black blazer is a staple, and this one won’t disappoint!

xoxo Julz


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